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Securely Navigating the New Digital Culture


Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco

We used to only imagine a world where connected “things” talk to, listen to, and observe all of us. For example, biometric data compiling real-time as we eat, sleep, and go about our lives in order to provide us with better health outcomes. Or a world where devices are able to talk to other devices at speeds beyond human comprehension to improve the performance of human transportation, factory floor production, or the human interface with our mobile devices. With today’s influx of connected devices, we are already roaring down a high velocity digital highway. Our challenge now is to understand how to reap the benefits of that connected world while also ensuring security with every connection we make.

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Trust is Encryption


CEO and Co-Founder, Cosmian1

The latest, state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies are poised to become our next best friends to protect our personal data. While allowing the data economy to thrive without compromising our privacy.

For about a year now, there has not been a single week without news of a massive customer data theft. The recent cases of Cambridge Analytica, British Airways, Google+ or Facebook hit the headlines. No one is spared, from Internet moguls to bricks-and-mortar retailers. But above all, it is us, the individuals, who bear the maximum cost: not only are our personal data stripped from us without full consent, but they are traded, stolen, manipulated – in short, out of our control.

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Keeping it Simple: The Value of the Operator Personal Cloud


Chief Product Officer and CMO, Synchronoss

Consumers increasingly want the ability to access all aspects of their digital life anywhere and anytime. They also want the simple, easy-to-use experience now made ubiquitous by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Net ix and Google (FAANG). These companies, which have grown up in a native IP world, have kept simplicity at the center of their user experience. Unfortunately, for many mobile operators and broadband providers who started way before being a “digital native” was a thing, keeping it simple may seem like an unattainable goal, given the growing complexity of the digital landscape.

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eSecurity: Why We Need New Defences and New Skills


President, Merrell Consulting Group, North America President of GTWN

For all the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution, the age of the Internet and big data, most of us are faced with an inability to adequately prevent eSecurity breaches that seem to occur on a daily basis, despite an ever-increasing spend on IT security.

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IoT Drivers of the 5G Revolution


Executive TMT Adviser, Extelcon

2G/GSM gave us digital voice on a global scale, 3G gave us additional capacity with a taste of mobile data, and 4G brought a transformation in network topology from circuit switched to IP based, allowing basic commercial IoT applications to become a reality. 5G will enable speeds of 10Gbps, 10x faster than 4G. Latency will significantly improve from 10ms in 4G, to 1ms in 5G, and will provide roughly 8x the capacity of 4G networks. As we approach the advent of ultra-high bandwidth, low latency 5G/IoT, coupled with the explosive plethora of intelligent devices in addition to that of the common mobile phone, there will be a contextual change in the relationship between the consumer, industry and the Mobile Operator as networks and use cases evolve.

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Sequencing 100,000 Genomes for Personalised Medicine: It Takes a Village


Cross-Cutting Co-ordinator, Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership

  • The UK has sequenced 100,000 whole genomes in the National Health Service
  • Collectively revolutionising medical practice and research, whole genome sequences are a resource that keeps on giving. Initially collected for patients and their clinical care, their digital nature makes them an ongoing resource for both research and the patients
  • They are an example of the intricate relationship between technology and people
  • Genomics is more fundamentally routed in the physical than other, more natively digital, realms of Big Data. This creates a unique set of requirements and infrastructure for Genomics
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Meeting the Data Needs of the Future: The New Zealand Experience


CEO, Chorus

Fixed and mobile network operators around the world are facing an ever- increasing demand by their customers for more data. This growth is largely due to a changing digital culture and a switch from voice to video, the growth in online video gaming, as well as the increasing adoption of many business applications which rely on the acquisition and analysis of large amounts of data.

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The Co-Evolution of Speech Technology: A Road Map for Adaptation


Former Director Technology Innovation Enablement, Disney Parks & Resorts

Not long ago, the sight of someone out in public speaking aloud – to no one in particular – aroused concerns that the person was delusional, talking to an imaginary friend or foe. Today it is common for phone users to converse with distant friends while strolling, blurting private details into the air as if no one around them could hear. There was a moment in time when our perception flipped, from not wanting to look foolish chatting with the invisible friends, to accepting this behavior as the norm.

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Award-Winning Satellite Technology Driving Solutions to the Digital Divide


Six years ago, a number of GTWN International Board Members including Bridget Cosgrave, Candace Johnson, Vicki MacLeod, Sallye Clark, and Walda Roseman came together with Women Executives in the Pacific Islands. amongst others Ellen Strickland, the then President of the Pacific Internet Society and Anne Matson from New Zealand, to create OWNSAT – Oceania Women’s Network Satellite, which then became one of the first and largest shareholders in Kacific. We were extremely pleased that Kacific received the “Better Satellite World” Award on 03 December 2018 in London, very much confirming our desires and hopes of bringing indeed a “better world” to the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands with high-throughput satellite Internet.

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The Future of Retail: Building the World’s Leading Retail IoT Cloud Platform


Thierry Gadou, Chairman and CEO of SES-imagotag

SES-imagotag is creating a digital future for retail thanks to the application of Cloud and IoT technologies. The global leader in electronic labelling and digital solutions for physical commerce has recently entered into a partnership with Microsoft with the objective of developing an IoT Cloud platform for retail on the Azure cloud.

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The Future of Education – When Educators become Learners


Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Renton Prep, Seattle USA


There is something beautiful at the intersection of culture, tradition, creativity and humanity that some fear will be lost as AI becomes more prominent. There are parents and educators who are concerned about the rise of mobile technologies and the thought of losing the core of what makes us uniquely human. There is reason for people to be concerned when they see young people disconnecting from face-to- face interactions with peers and appearing to lose touch with the real world around them. We see on social media people falling into fountains as they are so engaged in the content on their mobile devices that they not only miss the aesthetics of the fountain, but they also miss that tripping over and falling in could be hazardous to their physical wellbeing. We see cyberbullying. We see destructive behaviors.

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Democratising Science: Leveraging AI for Humanity


Co-Founder and CEO, Sparrho

Scientific discovery is central to our everyday lives; it engineered the crops used to make our morning breakfast and created the technology on which you’re reading this. Science, at its core, is simple: it’s about exploring the world and understanding how it works. But the British Science Association recently found that over a quarter of the UK population feel that ‘science is not for them’. For one reason or another, we’ve stopped seeing science as integral to society – it is merely the realm of ‘scientists’ – occurring in high-tech labs and secret basements.

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5G: Challenges for Rural and Developing Regions


Professor Emerita at the University of San Francisco and Af liate Professor and former Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Alaska Anchorage


Fifth generation (5G) mobile wireless is being touted not only as the next stage of mobile communications but as a technological paradigm shift. Mobile operators and equipment vendors point to fiber-like connectivity as well as new flexible and dynamic techniques for managing spectrum that will offer enormous potential. Qualcomm states that 5G is not just a network, but that it “will become the underlying fabric of an entire ecosystem of fully connected intelligent sensors and devices, capable of overhauling economic and business policies, and further blurring geographical and cultural borders. It will be capable of delivering at every rung of the ecosystem’s ladder, and will provide seamless, continuous connectivity for business applications.”1 Ericsson predicts enormous demand in terms of both users and data traffic: “5G will kick off with enhanced mobile broadband as its first use case. By the end of 2023, there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions, accounting for around 20 percent of mobile data traffic.”2

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Anthropology and Technology: Solving Global Problems with Practical Solutions


CEO and Co-Founder, Cingeto

I am an anthropologist with a background in both applied cultural anthropology and anthropological archaeology and I work in the space, aerospace, and innovative tech sectors. On the face of it, anthropology and technology seem to be two disparate fields. Yet, when combined, anthropology and technology could not be more complementary. Anthropology teaches us to be curious, genuinely interested in others and in understanding their point of view. As Nancy Scheper-Hughes of UC Berkeley beautifully puts it, anthropologists are trained to free themselves from the fear of difference. They see people as precious repositories of knowledge. [1]. In turn, applied anthropologists use anthropological methods to solve concrete human problems. Anthropology has never been more relevant to addressing today’s business problems and informing technology ventures.

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Digital Transformation: The Challenge for Government


Member of the Board, Allegion

The digital revolution has hit many companies hard and has forced them, regardless of the industry or the location, to make the changes necessary to learn not only how to survive in the new environment, riding the digital wave, but also to take advantage of the new opportunities created in this new environment.

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Living in a World of Cash


Rising Tide Europe 3, Head of the Investment Committee

There is a growing trend to believe that the future of cash is limited, with a number of developed countries stating their intention to become fully cashless within a few years. This seems like an inevitable consequence of digitalisation of the financial services sector, but is this the whole picture of our digital future, and if so, what implications will that have for society as a whole?

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Are You Ready for your “Digital Twin”?


Media Duemila

Among daily news about innovations in our non-stop collective creativity, two ground- breaking engineering concepts herald the new digital transformation.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digital Culture


Secretary-General, GTWN

Digital culture is the interface between human beings, societies and digital technology. It can be seen as the natural progression of human cultures as every aspect of society and economy is transformed and reinvented by the integration of a digital platform.1

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Our Digital Legacy: Creating a new Culture for the Next Generation


Chief Perfect Officer, Perfect Ltd & Senior Advisor Diversity & Inclusion1

It’s a fact that we are in the midst of a new industrial revolution and indeed a societal shift. Now more than ever, leaders are under increasing pressure to come up with innovative solutions to an array of business and societal challenges, while navigating an increasingly complex world.

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Our Shared Digital Future – Building an Inclusive, Trustworthy and Sustainable Digital Society


Chair of the UN Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF-MAG)

A contribution of the World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Digital Economy and Society, introduced by Lynn St Amour, Chair, UN Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Group and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Digital Economy and Society.

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