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Raspberry Pi4L: An Innovative Approach to Education

Pi for Learning (Pi4L) is a joint initiative between the International Education Association (IEA) and UNICEF Lebanon designed to provide students in Lebanon the opportunity to learn computer coding and related technologies.
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Update : As we went to press, we received the news that Mishaal Aerospac had successfully competed its first Static Test: MISHAAL Aerospace’s M-SV Propulsion System Successfully Completes its First Static Test

Miami, Florida, August, 2014

MISHAAL Aerospace Corporation, a woman-owned launch vehicle provider, is pleased to announce that its M-SV propulsion system successfully completed its first static test on August 11, 2014.  The success of this test validates and demonstrates MISHAAL Aerospace’s hybrid rocket propulsion system. It is a milestone achievement for MISHAAL Aerospace.

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Mastercard Advisor’s Cashless Journey: The Global Journey from Cash to Cashless

In this article, several experts in the payments industry talk about the Cashless Journey Study. The Cashless Journey Study was developed to track nations’ progress towards  more cashless economies. It offers insights into how some nations have made the journey from cash to cashless, and how other nations can continue their journeys. [1]

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The Future is Now

6999597By Ingrid Silver, Partner at Dentons and President for Europe of the GTWN.

Ingrid highlights the importance of focusing on the present in this fast moving mobile century and making use of the services available to make the most of this age in all sectors such as health and education.

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FILMDOO: The Future is in Content Discovery and Cross Media Platforms

8717749_origBy:  Weerada Sucharitkul, Co-Founder, FilmDoo

Do you enjoy watching great films? Films that make a difference, inspire you and which you can’t wait to share with others? At FilmDoo, we believe there are thousands of interesting and diverse films being created all around the world – films that few people ever get to see. We want to change this. We want to discover and share these films and their unique stories.
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The Business Case for Gender: Better Companies, Stronger Economies

International Finance Corporation  The world Bank Group  Gender and the Economy IFC Washingtn, DCBusiness benefits abound for companies that include women and men as executives, employees, and entrepreneurs in their value chains. The convincing case for gender inclusion was made by H.E. Sheikh Abdullah al Thani, Chairman of Ooredoo Group; Cherie Blair, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women; and Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at GE, at the World Bank Group’s Gender & the Economy event, hosted by IFC in Washington, DC.
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Education in the Mobile Century – Revision App

8250265Education Entrepreneur Jermaine Hagan and Technology Marketing Director Millie Zah launched RevisionApp in late 2011. It has since built a user base of more than 1,200,000.

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The Kacific project is a new broadband satellite service specifically designed to deliver high-speed, affordable internet to the enterprises, agencies and remote communities in the Pacific islands, Eastern Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (
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Women’s Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges

1079653Vicki MacLeod, secretary general of the GTWN, spoke in the GSMA conference in Shanghai about the role of women in the ICT industry as enablers of economic and social development.
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Booting Up Mobile Health, IFTF

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is a non-profit research organization with more than 45 years of forecasting experience that helps organizations from a wide range of sectors make the futures they want. IFTF’s core research staff and creative design studio work together to provide practical foresight for a world undergoing rapid change.[1] They identify emerging trends and discontinuities that will transform global society and the global marketplace.
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Turning Innovation into Revenue in China’s Payments Market

Mary-Chong-190x70By Mary Chong, Partner, KPMG China
As China looks to redefine its payments industry, many organizations – both domestic and global – are keenly monitoring what is soon to be the world’s largest payments market. Indeed, the real question today is not whether China will modernize their payments environment, but rather how local and global players can take advantage of the opportunities that are now emerging.