Update : As we went to press, we received the news that Mishaal Aerospac had successfully competed its first Static Test: MISHAAL Aerospace’s M-SV Propulsion System Successfully Completes its First Static Test

August 21, 2014

Miami, Florida, August, 2014

MISHAAL Aerospace Corporation, a woman-owned launch vehicle provider, is pleased to announce that its M-SV propulsion system successfully completed its first static test on August 11, 2014.  The success of this test validates and demonstrates MISHAAL Aerospace’s hybrid rocket propulsion system. It is a milestone achievement for MISHAAL Aerospace.

The hybrid rocket static test demonstrated the key combustion characteristics of high thrust, linear burn-rate, and stable combustion.  This test was performed at FAR (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) site near Mojave, California.

First look test results indicate the hybrid motor performed as designed, producing approximately 15 thousand pounds of thrust, and burning for just 8 seconds. The hybrid system uses Liquid Oxygen and Plastic loaded HTPB cast as a solid fuel grain.

“The static test is one of our greatest milestone achievements to date, especially in the area of hybrid rocket propulsion” said Mishaal Ashemimry, CEO of MISHAAL Aerospace. “Successful demonstration of our hybrid rocket technology is an achievement not only for us, but for the aerospace community as a whole.”