Digital Generation

February 27, 2024

Digital Generation was chosen as the theme for the 2024 edition of The Mobile Century as it encapsulates several of the most important issues currently driving the global debate around the future of the digital tech sector.

Generative AI rose to prominence in 2023 with the launch of ChatGPT and other large language models. Artificial intelligence suddenly became the topic on everyone’s lips, with predictions about the impact that AI would have on human society ranging between extremes of the wildly optimistic to the downright scary. Governments reacted with proposals to regulate and control some of the more worrying aspects of AI generation, while industry experts cautioned against an over-reaction that could stifle innovation. We are thankful to the global experts who have contributed their perspectives on this important issue and know that this discussion will further the international debate on the future of AI.

Secondly, we explore the legacy that the digital tech industry is passing on to the generation of digital natives – the post Boomer generations of Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha. In little more than 30 years the industry has become the backbone of the economy and society, with digital natives in particular living their lives on their mobile devices. What impact has this legacy had on these younger generations? What are the positive and negative outcomes, both foreseen and unforeseen? What challenges have we created and are passing on to them, and what are the potential solutions? Has digital technology become so disruptive to education, for example, that schools have no alternative but to ban its use in the classroom? And if so, what does this say about the future relationship between users and technology? Do we need to forge a new partnership between humans and digital tech, and if so, how should this be done?

Thirdly, how can digital technology be used to generate economic and social change? In 2023 the GTWN launched its Call to Action to focus attention on the need to ensure broadband access for all. In this edition we expand this theme to reflect on how digital technology is being used around the world as a driver of global trade, economic and social change, and the empowerment of women.

Our thanks as always to our platinum sponsor, CMS, for their continued engagement and sponsorship of this important work. We would also like to acknowledge the time and effort dedicated by our GTWN colleagues and friends to create a superb collection of articles which provide a unique snapshot of the digital tech sector today.