2019 Edition of GTWN’s The Mobile Century

February 18, 2020

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN) agship publication, The Mobile Century: Life and Work in the Digital Era (TMC).

This year, in recognition of the continuing evolution of the digital age, we decided to explore how digital technology in all of its forms is changing every aspect of our lives: Towards a new Digital Culture.

Since its inception more than a quarter of a century ago, at the start of the internet revolution, the GTWN has focused not just on technology, but also on the impact that technology is having on the economy and society at large. We have taken a particular interest in highlighting the intersection between technology and humanity. Our members and colleagues are intensely focused on how we can apply the great advances in communications networks, media, computing, satellites, big data and social media, for example, to solve some of the most important problems facing mankind.

It is therefore no surprise that TMC has always covered a very broad range of topics where digital technologies are being applied – from healthcare, education, social sciences, law and regulation, nance, to space and development aid. And this year is no exception. The rapid advances in digital mobile and xed technology is also a strong theme this year – ultra fast broadband networks, and the challenges of the ever-increasing data demands of consumers; the promise of 5G and IoT; artificial intelligence and machine learning applications; virtual reality; the use of satellites in isolated communities; the promises of gene-based healthcare; and the future of digital cash. The variety and depth of these topics clearly demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of our members, colleagues and supporters, as well as their industry recognition.

Reflecting the rise of scams and cybercrime, a particular focus this year is on cybersecurity and the ways we can all seek to safeguard our privacy while fully participating in our new data driven world. Many answers are proposed – from encryption, to consumer education and awareness, to regulation. Ultimately, one suspects, a combination of all of these approaches, and perhaps even more, will be needed, while our perception of privacy may itself continue to evolve in line with technology.

A special thank you to our authors, who have given of their time and expertise to make this publication a success. Thanks, as always to our designer and sub- editor, Marge Salem for meeting tight deadlines with a smile.

We are proud to be partners with the GSMA’s Women4Tech Program, without whose sponsorship this publication would not have been possible.

We would also like to acknowledge, with our sincere thanks, the support of SES- imagotag, sponsors of our Welcome Reception held at the Casa de la Seda (Silk Museum) during MWC Barcelona on 25 February 2019.

Editor in Chief