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Technology and Commitment can Solve Many of Today’s Challenges

by Maria Pia Rossignaud, Director Media Duemila, Italy

So, what are the main challenges of today? I believe they can be summarised as:


    • Global and regional conflicts, such as terrorism and the threat of nuclear war
    • Environmental and economic impacts of human habitation such as global warming and marine pollution

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Profile: Elisabeth Slapio

Elisabeth Slapio, Director Innovation and Environment Section of the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany

After studying to become a full-time lawyer and working at the University of Cologne, Elisabeth worked as a lawyer in various law firms. In the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she is currently focusing on the IT and Telecommunications Industries as well as digitizing value-added processes in small and medium-sized companies. Other topics include advising retail companies and assisting the administration in the reorganization and digitization of specialized procedures in electronic government.
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Someone to watch over you: Is Facial Recognition Technology a Solution or a Growing Problem?

by Vicki MacLeod, Secretary-General, GTWN

Facial recognition technology is being deployed in an ever- expanding number of applications around the world – from passport screening at airports, to surveillance of employees in workplaces, to the police and court system, and even in behavioural research. But should we embrace this technology as a brilliant solution to security and identity veri cation requirements, or should we be more concerned about the impact on individual privacy and data security?
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How Customer Experience and Culture is critical to delivering Digital Transformation

by Keri Gilder, EMEA VP&GM, Ciena

When I attend a conference, or read an article about digital transformation, the conversations are dominated by topics such as intelligent network automation, autonomous networks, big data analytics, software defined networking, virtualisation, faster service time to market, self- service portals, on-demand capabilities, and the myriad of other technologies that can either help me save money, or make money via new or differentiated services.

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2018 Edition of The Mobile Century: “Solutions for a Complex World”

Welcome to the 2018 Edition of The Mobile Century

In this edition, published to coincide with our annual Welcome Reception during Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, we seek and explore many “solutions for a complex world”. Each essay examines a different aspect of the challenges that face mankind – be they environmental, economic, social or even existential, and how we can use digital and mobile technologies to address them. While there are some notes of caution, especially about the potential threats to personal privacy and individual expression represented by the rising use of big data analytics, arti cial intelligence and machine learning, we also discuss the many opportunities that will arise from these new technologies. The consensus is that we in the industry have a special role in advocating for education of the consumer about these services, as well as transparency in our use of big data and AI based systems, so that consumers continue to trust and see the bene ts in these services.
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GTWN celebrates Silver Anniversary during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN) marked its 25th Anniversary at a special gala dinner on Monday 27 February (View the celebration photos here).

Present at the gala event were many of the senior executive members of the GTWN Board who have contributed so much over the past decades to the development of the mobile and broader ICT sectors, as well as the role of women as leaders in that industry. Continue reading